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02materachiaveMatera-Toronto: gesture of appreciation and good faith

by The Hon. Joe Volpe, Publisher

TORONTO - The Lucania community and the Basilicata Cultural Society are continuing their lobbying for a twinning of Matera and Toronto. Following a decidedly encouraging meeting on Wednesday, September 21, 2016, a delegation of Basilicata nel mondo (Diaspora) will meet with His Worship John Tory Mayor of Toronto.

This time, they will be accompanied by former Councillor and current MP, the hon. Judy Sgro. They will present a key to the city of Matera to the Mayor of Toronto.

The key is in effect a hand sculpted wooden key made specifically for the occasion. It was commissioned by the mayor of Matera, Raffaello Giulio De Ruggieri, for this purpose.

In August, when the Toronto delegation, in that instance accompanied by MP Francesco Sorbara, the host community expressed a desire to demonstrate its willingness to “Twin with Toronto” by sending this token of esteem to Toronto’s first citizen.

The sculpted key harkens to the long standing practice in Matera by artisans to “brand” every artisanal product with the family or company stamp. Its origins are traced to centuries gone by when bakers “branded” their loaves of bread with their own emblem.

The practice spread to other artisanal products and generated a separate industry of woodworkers whose craft, talent and ingenuity became prized throughout Southern Italy and beyond. It is a minute representation of the cultural aspect of a city the Europeans have decide will be the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2019.

To re-emphasize the potential for Toronto’s Cultural and Business Community, the delegation accompanying the hon. Judy Sgro (Frank Miele, Pat Tremamunno, Dan Montesano and Sam Primucci) will be making the presentation on behalf of their counterparts in Basilicata.

(Friday 23 September 2016)

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